June 2, 2012

Uh No Wait I'm Not Dead At All

During the last (OMFG) two months I've:
  • Found a part-time job at Linate airport here in Milan;
  • Been dating a truly awesome girl from Florence;
  • Been drunk most of the time (see above);
  • Not played too much (again, see above);
But I'm alive, in good health, and Happy™. I also started working (lazy as usual) on Yaqqothl and the Doomed Wastelands again, and the metropolis of Sarnath in particular. I'm doing most of the notes on Word, although I think I'll be switching to Obsidian Portal soon. It's very likely that the Tower of Zordaz will be moved somewhere near the town, or perhaps even "in" the town - still musing on this. Be cool, see ya!