August 20, 2012

Out Of Paper

Running out of paper is one of those weird things that only occur when you're on vacancy. The nice side is that I've A Damsel in Distress almost completely written, while not on my hard-drive (I'm missing my PC pretty bad), and some preliminary notes on The Wicked Witch (a remake of the very first ConstantCon adventure ever). I think each adventure will probably take 12-20 pages, A5 format, or thereabouts, with very few art (by me) and a mid-70's fanzine distinctive look. There will be a print run of 20 copies assembled in the basement, and when (if) they sold out I will upload the PDF on DriveThrouRPG. Yes, that means not all of the adventures will eventually be available in PDF form. I'm also thinking of some kind of coding to present each adventure, like Drama, Action and Exploration. A Damsel in Distress, for example, would be Drama 4/5, Action 3/5 and Exploration 2/5. That should help costumers in buying adventures that better fit their DM-ing style. By the way, I'll try to get my hands on a Moleskine notebook this evening, so to have something to collect my notes and inspirational bits for more adventures.

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