September 9, 2012

Some More (Late Night) Thinking On The Call

  • Modern days setting, starting in London or even Milano. The characters get somehow sucked in this world sprawling international conspiracy, whose head cultists masters control everything: politicians, police officers, etc. I can't help but imagine the faces of the players when they realize the only organizations who could provide some help not only don't want to hear what they have to say, but actually try to kill them/have them imprisoned. Perhaps some criminal organization is involved too, and some other criminal organization will provide help just to impede the counterpart etc. Never played Masks of Nyarlathotep but I wonder if the general idea is something similar?
  • I want to make more use of northern/eastern Europe than the average CoC campaign. Perhaps with such things as a pagan druidic cult and scientology fanatics who are actually puppets in the hands of the conspirators.

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