June 2, 2012

Mapping Sarnath, Work In Progress

Sarnath, The Eternal City. The year 1417 After The Fall

This is but a rough sketch of the city center of Sarnath. I made it in Photoshop experimenting a bit with paths - it doesn't look very evocative, but it's really clear so I'm cool with it. It still misses a lot of features (notably the docks along the river, street names and important buildings, etc.) but you can see the blocks, the slave market (the big square in the far-east part of the west river section), the Citadel (the big isle), the University square (in the far east part of the east river section) and the Garden of Tsàzaar, a big mutated forest wildly grew out of a little greenhouse built by Rector Tsàzaar The One And Million Eyes over five hundred years ago for use of the Alchemy Faculty. (There lie many ruins of the old inhabitants of Sarnath, and such stuff as swamp-dwelling-debauched-savage-worshiper-of-long-forgotten-gods tribes. The usual suspects, you know.)

Uh No Wait I'm Not Dead At All

During the last (OMFG) two months I've:
  • Found a part-time job at Linate airport here in Milan;
  • Been dating a truly awesome girl from Florence;
  • Been drunk most of the time (see above);
  • Not played too much (again, see above);
But I'm alive, in good health, and Happy™. I also started working (lazy as usual) on Yaqqothl and the Doomed Wastelands again, and the metropolis of Sarnath in particular. I'm doing most of the notes on Word, although I think I'll be switching to Obsidian Portal soon. It's very likely that the Tower of Zordaz will be moved somewhere near the town, or perhaps even "in" the town - still musing on this. Be cool, see ya!