December 4, 2013

Still alive and more useless crap

I wonder if anyone still reads this blog. Anyway, things have been changing at the speed of light in the last few months so I feel like a little update is in order. I moved to London around the end of May and really got a job in a fantastic craft beer pub in Camden Town, that is, kinda cool. So the last months have been spent in trying to keep up with work, studying for my Cicerone certification, home brewing with a couple of friends, and trying to also get some sort of social life (which is something I feel like a failed completely, but still). Needless to say, the roleplaying side of my life has been the one that suffered the most from the whole situation, although I would really like to try and resurrect it somehow. I will possibly head to Dragonmeet in a couple of days, to say. So yeah, all is good (-ish), and that's pretty much it.
Fight on!
Il Male™