March 16, 2012

Introducing The Megadungeon Arena

Our Champions
Rappan Athuk Reloaded: Almost probably the only Megadungeon published in the 3e era that doesn't suck (but this is my humble point of view).
Stonehell: In which Michael Curtis brings the One Page Dungeon concept to a completely new dimension.
The Castle Of The Mad Archmage: One of the best fun-made Megadungeons available for free.
The Caverns Of Thracia: Representing the early days of the hobby.
The Mines Of Khunmar: Even if an early draft, I consider Stefan Poag Khunmar The Megadungeon by definition. Probably the only published one in which I'd feel comfortable running a campaign in.
Under Xylarthen's Tower: I consider this awesome little (free) module from JRients to totally fit in the category. It's fairly big, with lot or room for expansion, and basically a small sandbox on its very own.

There are many other Megadungeons around I left out from this competition: Dwimmermount, ASE, Barrowmaze, Palace Of The Vampire Queen, The Black City, White Rock Castle, Ruins Of Undermountain, Greyhawk Ruins, etc. I decided not to let them in either because they still have to be published, or I don't really know them, or they're too difficult to pick and refer for comparison. Or I find they're total shit and they don't qualify for this competition.

Rules Of The Game
In each post I discuss one particular aspect of these dungeons: Presentation, Background, Keys, Maps, Level Connections, Usability and Creativity. Then I set up a poll and you vote your favorite the one that best represent said aspect. At the end of the competition, I compile a PDF with all the entries and poll results and declare the Absolute Winner Of The Megadungeon Arena.


  1. OK, get to it. I'm trying to decide which megadungeon to use to kick off a new campaign :)

  2. Wow! Undermountain doesn't rank in the top 5?!?

    I will admit the maps are a bit unwieldy, but for sheer size and customizable, it's the grand-daddy of megadungeons IMHO. I have both box sets in my collection. #2 wasn't so good, but #1 is cool.

  3. No love for Barrowmaze? I haven't read/run it but I've heard great things

  4. Here's hoping this idea didn't wither and die.

  5. Nother than a great name, Undermountain doesn't have much going for it.

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