July 28, 2012

One Page Dungeon Constraints

Castle Vorndrang Level 1A

I was mapping Vorndrang standard style, and eventually after a while I got straight back to the One Page Dungeon template. The fact is mapping smaller sections is easier, and it lets alternate mapping and keying so that I never get tired of either. Given my little previous efforts with OPD, I knew when I started working again that I needed a higher room count: the Dungeon Of Doom was stocked using the DMG tables, and looked just fine, but this time I'm going with the 3LBBs and I need more room for empty space. I also knew that I needed another map style, specifically something faster, so I resumed the old paramecium habit (with Khunmar style doors). Also, for some more eye-candy, a nice compass and some grey shade.

About the map itself, the major tweaking involve the use of non-standard angles (that is, 90° and 45°) in lieu of some more weird and unusual ones (30° and 60°) for a more dwarven architecture look. Also, the problem with OPD is the natural constraints this kind of map making carries: while the four quadrant concept is cool for circular dungeons, I don't want all the levels to look the same in shape. You will notice that the stairs that lead to Level 1D (bottom-center) are not justified with the quadrant. I hope to find the way to make this a recurring feature, with some levels sparse rather than aligned (the mines level will be a good example of this I hope).

All for now, I'm getting back on stocking. Hope you'll enjoy the map. Cheerz, yo.


  1. Great looking map - are you mapping by hand or using a computer tool?

    1. Both! The map itself was made by hand, then scanned to add the grey shade and numbers :)

  2. I never noticed that about the Khunmar doors. It's a great idea; the info about which way doors open is often useful, and good to remember (did I say that door opened in or out?).

    Also, re: OPDs: no need to stick to the quadrant. Make one level six in a row or something. Or have long arbitrary connections between then (like tunnels, or rivers).

    1. Yeah that's quite the point (and six in a row is something I hadn't thought :/)

  3. Pretty map - I agree on the doors the standard ones are rather annoying to draw as well, though I prefer a little arrow for the swing, but I think this is a throwback to some drafting in another life. May I ask if that map was drawn freehand, on graph, with tools or on computer?

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