July 30, 2012

Proofreaders Call

Because, you know, English is not my native language. By the way, I look for 1-3 proofreaders for my latest (Mega)Dungeon project. This is how it works: you tell me your e-mail, I submit the file*, you read it and send corrections back (both for grammar and syntax), I apply corrections and send you the file back so you can keep it and use it (if you want). By stepping in, you agree on the following:
  • You will not redistribute any received file in any form, unless I give you explicit permission.
  • You will not be paid. (This may change if I ever get to make money out of this, just don't hold your breath.)
It's a matter of trust so I don't think any of the above will ever comes out. You will of course be credited as Proofreaders if I ever get to publish this in some form, and if you play with any of the things I send to you and write a report back, you'll also be credited as Playtesters among with your party of players. The sole requirement to jump in is to be a native English speaker.


*Most files will be One Page Dungeons, although occasionally I can send you a map or some notes (setting, new monsters, new magic, etc.)


  1. Sign me up. I think you already have my email address.

  2. I'll volunteer. Sounds interesting.
    nemo235 at hotmail dot com.

  3. YO! dragolite1 at gmail dot com

  4. I'll give it a shot. ;)

  5. I like proofing, and love megadungeons. Hit me up at austin[at]infinitedragons(dot)com

  6. If you need another pair of eyes, I'm willing!


  7. Happy to help with the proofreading here too.


  8. one more, if more are needed.

    babayaga at westnet com au

    punctuate the above!