February 24, 2012

Starting Over With The Yaqqothl Grimoire

And that is about everything I have to say about it. Lots of things have changed since I started this blog a little more than a year ago, but I see no reason to drop it out completely in change of something new. It was lame and dork to eliminate the old posts but hey, what's done is done. So, let's speak about future plans.

For first, I decided to break with all and any publication purposes. I think the whole stuff kinda spoiled most of the fun I used to have when practicing in both world-building and dungeon design so I'm done with it. If anytime sooner or later I will find that I produced something worth of sharing, I will just go ahead with it. This is not to say I will produce free content no more. I love making character sheets way too much.

For second, I want to play MORE. This is the point of dealing with D&D after all, so let's just go for it. I'm now playing a Human Sorcerer 5, Thief 3 in a Pathfinder game on a weekly basis I enjoy a freaking lot, and running the Tower Of Zordaz ConstantCon game each and every Sunday (although that may change with the approaching semester). Also, once in a while I run a Keep On The Borderlands game for a couple of noob fellas that I would really like to turn into a be-weekly Zordaz game. The main problem is we don't have a proper place to play, which is a real pain in the ass for a proper schedule. Oh well, I will figure it out.

May your dice fall where they may, peace.
Il Male™