February 26, 2012

The Village of Vrestfall

It looks like I'm finally ready for tonight's game! Here you are a map of the Village of Vrestfall. Pretty awesome looking, ah? Good news is you can make one as good looking one too, by using La Grande Quest's terrific Generatore di Città e Villaggi. It's basically a Photoshop file, with some doodles you can move and duplicate and flip and rotate until you obtain the desired map. It takes a little to figure out, but it well worth it (as you can see). If you like it, you will find some more over at La Grande Quest (one for wilderness maps, one for male and one for female NPC portraits, and one to make awesome floorplans). Also, the guy running the blog is really smart and has a lot of interesting insights on both game and campaign design. I wholeheartedly suggest you to type the url in Google Translate and have a look yourself.


  1. That's really cool! I downloaded the templates so I could play around with them a bit, too. The other templates he made are also quite fun. He's got a lot of useful stuff over there!

    Now I can begin planning my siege of Ulfir's tower...

    1. UHAUHAUHA! I think we're probably going to have some in-town fun by the time of next session :)

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