August 17, 2012

A Damsel In Distress

Hello readers! I'm writing from Isola d'Elba (Tuscany), feeling so fine. The girlfriend's house here is wonderful, as is the landscape (pictured below). So far no gaming, and I doubt there will be any by the end of our sojourn. Instead, I have plenty of free time to do some adventure writing. Aside from the work on Castle Vorndrang, I had several ideas for one-shot adventures, partly inspired by the stories of Conan I'm reading. My question is, do you think there would be any interest in a series of short, dirty on the cheap adventures, designed to be completed in one or two sessions? I would design them for generic old school Dungeons & Dragons but using only the 3LBBs, making up everything else as I see fit, and possibly including an Appendix for Pathfinder stats.

P.S.: A Damsel In Distress is the tentative title of the first adventure of said line.


  1. Sold! I run old school modules with Pathfinder anyway, our weekday-game day has only three hours, and I like your blog and writing.

    ... as long as there are viable shipping options for Germany.

    1. I plan to offer worldwide shipping, and I guess shipping to Europe would be quite cheap :)

    2. Funny thing, I just today got the Delve #1 in the mail with 3€ "postaprioritaria" as a stamp. :)

    3. Yeah! Mr Ostensible Cat actually resides in Italy :)

  2. Most definitely Ni.

  3. Absolutely, yes. I run Basic D&D and my daughter uses PF Beginners Box, so quick adventures are always appreciated. Also - PDFs, not just print please!