August 11, 2012

DIY OR DIE - AKA Get Ready For Summer

Vacancy is approaching and I find myself dealing with the same old questions: should I bring that shirt, will I need a jacket, which edition of D&D should I carry with me. Since I'm not at ease with putting my original 3LBBs in the bag, I thought I was going either with my Single Volume edition or Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox (Il Male™'s Cut), but really wasn't enthusiastic of either option. I mean, Single Volume is pretty cool, but it's hard-bound and it takes up space and weight to carry it around (both things I have to take into account since I'm going to fly with Ryan Air), while Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox, even if emended and expanded so to include all the original bits (original HD progression, level titles, monster stats, attack tables, etc.), just doesn't feel the same as the LBBs. I ended up by waking up this morning and thinking "Screw that, I'll print my own LBBs. And they will be orange." (True story.)

I had these OD&D re-creation files sitting in my hard-drive from quite a while. Not the awful scans from WotC, nor polished scans of the original, but a friggin' re-creation with the original fonts and art and everything!

Suck it, WIZ

Now, I can't really explain the orange cover. I just kinda woke up in that state of mind and went for it. And I'm soooooo glad I did it.

TU&WA is ready for some stapling

Stapling is always hard for me, and this time I figured that using a "drive" sheet of A5 paper would have been better than fucking around with the ruler all the time. It was a good idea, after all.

You can't really tell what fetishism is all about
until you buy yourself a  long reach stapler

At this point, I only had to trim and fold. Now, you probably know that we have no letter-sized paper in this godforsaken corner of the earth, but I just didn't like how my booklets looked with all that empty space. So I trimmed and trimmed and trimmed until I got "mini" versions of the originals.

The smaller the merrier I say

And finally my summertime copies and the originals, side by side!

My precioussssssss!

If you ask me what playing OD&D is really all about, well, that's it. It's about doing things yourself. It's about being creative. It's about spending an entire evening absorbed by the joys of home publishing. It's about playing the fuck out of this game rather than complaining about it all the time. And now, just because I took all these pics with Instagram, this.

You ain't no hipster if you don't photograph your feet.

(Almost) Ready for Poland.


  1. You can't really tell what fetishism is all about until you buy yourself a long reach stapler

    Ha! Yeah. Once you go long you never go back.

  2. Long reach stapler...
    I'll show ya my DIY "stapled" 3lbb! They look horrible! :D

  3. Sweet. Makes me want to do something similar with, like, just about all of my own gamebooks.